Are You Hungry… Or Is The Clock

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Todays post comes from an experience I just had 5 seconds ago:

I get home from a meeting, look at the clock, and see that it is 12. Okay great lunchtime! I make a salad, start eating, and that’s when my mom comes in:

What are you doing?

Eating a salad?

You just at a yogurt an hour ago.

Oh ya, but it’s 12…

I was eating because of what the clock said, not because I was actually hungry! It completely brought me into awareness of what I was doing. The clock was hungry, not me, and because of it I was eating without a purpose.

So, I encourage you to go a day without looking at the clock to tell you when to eat, look to your stomach. When you are hungry eat, when your not don’t! That is what I will be doing tomorrow….