Amazing Acting News and The 30 Day Challenge

Wow guys! So many great things are going on in my life right now (and they are over balancing the bad and stressful things which is always good)! I hope that your new year is starting off amazing, as it should because 2013 is going to be YOUR YEAR. You are going to achieve all your goals and dreams, and… your life is going to attract your NEW WORD that you put out in to the universe. (Click here to read post about how to choose your NEW YEAR WORD)

As I told you in my previous post the word that I chose to focus on this year is ADVENTURE. And let me tell you, it is already coming my way. Particularly in my acting career world, hence the title Amazing Acting News.

Well, let me tell you what’s going on!

I got invited to do an intensive with an established acting coach down in Denver for 3 weeks… and then off to L.A. for me baby! Yes! I am so very excited to have this opportunity and can’t wait to keep you guys updated on everything. And hopefully I will be able to post some videos of my doing a few skits so that you can see my mad skills, well my mad skills in progress. It is such a creative outlet for me, I get so excited that I can’t even sleep sometimes as crazy as that sounds.

Which brings me to our next order of business…. energy!

It can be so hard to keep our energy up when we are going to school, sports, and maintaining our social life with our friends. The whole shebang can be very draining, which is why I am here to give you a tip on how to turbo blast your energy first thing in the morning, afternoon, or at night before you go out. And the secret is………

Green Smoothies!

Now, please don’t yell at your computer and shut my blog! Yes it is a green colored smoothie, but I can also guarantee you that it will be one of the most delicious smoothies you have ever tasted, and nutritious. Here is the recipe for your major energy blasting smoothie:


  1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  2. 1 banana
  3. 1 chopped apple
  4. 1 scoop tango VegaPowder
  5. 1 cup kale
  6. 1/4 avacado
  7. 1 cup spinach


Personally I like to chop up all the ingredients as fine as I can and then blend them altogether at once. However, you can blend the veggies and almond milk first and it makes the end result a little bit more creamy.

Now that you have the recipe I’ll tell you what The 30 Day Challenge is: Drink 1 green smoothie for any of your 3 meals a day, snap a picture, and tweet it to me @SGoldstein33

I will be participating in this challenge as well…. ready, get set, gulp!