Drink Green Tea For A Better Body

Hey there! I have been reading up on some pretty cool information an green tea, and thought that I would share it with you guys!

We all want to burn fat, and green tea can help us do that. When you drink green tea first thing in the morning, it jump starts your metabolism and allows your body to burn more fat throughout the day. And, if you drink green tea throughout the day (stopping at 3 pm) you will burn even more fat, clear your system, and get rid of fatty cells than can cause cellulite!

I encourage you to try drinking green tea, here are some tips on how to keep it with, how to make it taste better, and lots more!:

  • Use stevia to sweeten it.
  • Put it in your water bottle and take it with you.
  • Keep packages in your bag.
  • When at a coffee shop, get a tea with your coffee and drink both.
  • Put some mint leaves in it and be prepared for even more taste!
  • Instead of a post workout drink like gatorade, opt for green tea.

Get prepared for a healthier feeling, and looking, body!


Best Smoothie Choices

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Over the counter smoothies can have a ton of calories, and by a ton, I mean in the thousands! Here are some ways to make sure you don’t get one that is that many, but that are still yummy!

  • Only drink 8-10 ounces as opposed to a 24 oz.
  • Make sure there isn’t frozen yogurt in it.
  • Split it with a friend.
  • Look for fruits with lots of calories, like bananas.
  • Don’t get candy flavors, like oreo blast.
  • Shoot for simple ingredients as opposed to lots of ingredients.
  • Count it as a meal and not a snack.

Enjoy your smoothies in the summer, but also enjoy keeping your bikini bod!

Flavored Water For Summer

Summer comes with many perks, one of them being all the yummy and fruity drinks that are available. However, many of those drinks are loaded with calories and aren’t really healthy. There is an easy way to get around this hurdle:

Flavoring your own water!

Here are some delicious recipes that I use myself, and they are very effective:

Lemon Lavender Water

Place fresh lemon and lavender in a pitcher of water and let sit for about 30 minutes. Then put in a glass with nice and enjoy!

Cucumber Water

Slice fresh cucumbers and place in pitcher of water. Let sit for 30 min, drink and enjoy!

Chocolate Mint Water

Buy some fresh chocolate mint and place in your water, sit back and enjoy!


These recipes are healthy and easy to do, so drink up and have fun!

A Hot Day Drink

It’s starting to get warmer and, it’s time toe tart getting your tan on! Laying in the hot sun can make you really thirsty, here is a recipe that is totally refreshing:


  • Green Tea
  • Pitcher of water
  • Stevia
  • Mint leaves


  • Place 6 green tea packages in pitcher of water, let it steep.
  • Pour tea into cup with ice
  • Add mint leaves
  • Sprinkle stevia
  • Kick back and relax!