Fall Indulgences For Teens

Everywhere I have been going lately there has been tempting fall foods… they all look delicious! It ranges from lattes to pumpkin scones to well pumpkin everything! As you well no, it isn’t good to indulge in those things everyday, but every once in a while, meaning once a month or so, it ┬áis perfectly fine to indulge in those things…. An easy day to plan it for for this month is HALLOWEEN! (skip the candy and go for one of the things below)

When you are going to indulge here are the things that are healthier than some of the other options out there:

Craving a holiday coffee?

Head over to starbucks or your local coffee shop and get a 12 0z skinny pumpkin latter, little whip. It will satisfy your craving, but not completely throw you off your path.

Craving a pastry?

Try a pumpkin scone or a little slice of pumpkin pie. Again it will satisfy your cravings, but these things don’t contain to many calories… just check your portion size!

Craving a cold treat?

Buy some organic pumpkin ice cream and have a very very small amount…. super yummy and will totally get you in the fall mood!

Those are the main things that are around, and yes they are all delicious, just remember a treat is a treat…. if you absolutely need something sweet one day then have a little bit of super dark chocolate.