Friday Night Out Eats

Its friday night and you are probably either getting ready to go out with your friends, hang out with your friends, or enjoy a suit evening watching movies. Whatever you are doing, friday nights can be fun, filled with cool activities foods and friends. This doesn’t mean that the food can’t be healthy though…. Here are some yummy and teen friendly things that you can eat!


If you want pizza…..

Amy’s and against the grain has some great pizzas that you can buy frozen and heat up. You can also order in some pizza from a company… just make sure its thin crust and has some veggies on it or with it. Or if you really want to have fun… make your own pizza! Get some pizza dough, good marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and toppings, bake and enjoy!


If you want snack foods…

I recommend things like veggies, fruits, pop chips, nuts, yogurt pretzels, Annies brands foods, Newman O’s, and Izze.



Banana Blueberry Sliders

A lot of time, in the summer when its hot, we don’t feel like having heavy meals such as burgers. That’s fine! here is a delis recipe for banana blueberry sliders that are just as good, light, and healthy!


  1. 1 banana
  2. 8 blueberries
  3. 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  4. 8 toothpicks


  1. Cut banana into 8 pieces
  2. Top with dollop of peanut butter
  3. Place 1 blueberry on top
  4. Stick with toothpick
  5. Enjoy!

These are great for parties, snacks, and treats!

Curb Late Night Cravings

Sometimes we can get cravings really late at night, so what do we usually do? Eat a cookie. But, eating late at night is not good for our bodies! We go to sleep right afterwards and then instead of burning that cookie off, it gets stored. So the next time you have a late night craving try this trick:

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tablespoon honey

Warm in pan and pour into cup, drink, and enjoy! This trick will fill you up, and is sweet enough to curb your cravings! Plus it is a much healthier option that cookies, cakes, etc.

Midnight Snack

If you are ever hungry late at night try this healthy trick to curb your cravings:


  1.  1 cup Unsweetened almod milk
  2. Vanilla stevia
  3. Abuelta hot chocolate (1 triangle)


  • Warm milk in pan
  • Add chocolate and allow to melt
  • Pour into cup
  • Add 5 drops of stevia to milk mixture
  • Drink and enjoy!

This healthy hot chocolate is a sweet and filling treat, great to drink late at night when you are having cravings!