Bathing Suit Season=Meltdown Season: Stop The Madness

Swimsuit season is basically here… and for a lot of people that can be very very very VERY scary. I know for me, there is some anxiety about wearing a bathing suit… you can’t hide anything. But you shouldn’t WANT to hide any of it anyway! Everything you have is beautiful.

I know you’ve heard all of this before… embrace yourself, self love, confidence… blah blah blah. Every mom, mentor, teacher, magazine and friend says the same thing. And it’s true, but that advice is a hard one to swallow. No matter how many times you hear it or try to embrace it, it still ends up hard and the anxiety is still there.

My goal on this blog is to be real. I don’t put out fake information on here, nor do I try to make myself seem fake.  I want you to be able to trust and love the information I give you. Sometimes that means writing truth that might suck. Here is the truth about bathing suit season:

No matter what you do you will probably always have a little anxiety about wearing and shopping for a swimsuit.

There is no real way to make those thoughts and feelings completely disappear. If you think you have a way, please let me know… I would be cool with being wrong. But I haven’t heard of anything so far that has worked. Why? Because we are human.

We are always striving to be perfect, and when we can’t achieve it, we feel discouraged and low. Shopping for and wearing a bathing suit is no different. What you have to keep in mind is this:

You are having these thoughts and feelings, and that’s okay. What you can’t do is let them control your life! In the grand scheme of things, how you look in a bikini doesn’t matter. Nobody really cares if you are perfect but YOU. So don’t be hard on yourself. Almost every other girl/ boy that you see will have the same “problems” you do. Whether its stretch marks, cellulite, or a little bit of fat on your belly. You aren’t alone.

So the excuse that you can’t wear or look good in a bathing suit because you have stretch marks, or any of the other things I mentioned, can go right out the door right now. Put on that swimsuit, be yourself, and have fun. THAT’S what people are going to notice.

And, if people do judge you because of the way you look, it’s because they are insecure. Don’t let them affect you or the way you feel.

If you are still having trouble swallowing all of this information, check out these videos:

Dove Real Beauty Campaign:

To This Day:

I watch these when I feel down, alone, or self conscious and they always help.

Watch them before you go swimsuit shopping, or when you feel self conscious. Remember you are beautiful, and never alone.


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