Make Your Room YOURS

Your room is a space where you go to decompress, hangout, and be you without anyone or anything getting in the way. (Usually!) It should reflect your personality and create a comfortable vibe for you… it should have a THEME that makes you.. well.. you!

For example: The beach makes me completely relax, and its where I feel at home. That, mixed with sort of a funky bohemian look makes me feel creative and comfy. I took all of that and turned it into a ROOM theme! I have tons of beachy bohemian pillows, lamps, sheets, and decorations to help secure a safe space for myself.

(I’ll do a room theme at another time… it’s a little to messy right now!)

Figure out what makes you feel good. Is it old fashioned things? Punk things? Blue? Pink? Take time to think about it and then creatively figure out how to make that into a theme.

Comment and let me know what you guys come up with I’d love to know! And, you can take pictures and tweet them to me @SGoldstein33 too!


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