Crafting Your Summer Bucket List





May 1st is here… that means we have about 1 month before our lives are all about tans, relaxation, and fun with friends. For some people, well at least for me, knowing that it’s only a month away is HARD! It’s not here but it’s not far away… So how do we keep ourselves going? That’s easy. Craft a summer bucket list!

Yes sometimes bucket lists can be cheesy, but when you really put a realistic effort into crafting a bucket list you would be surprised at how much of it you accomplish. Not to mention how much fun you’ll have while doing it!

But how do you create a realistic bucket list? Here are 5 “tips”:

1. Make sure that it’s something you really WANT to do

2. Make sure you have potential transportation

3. Dont make anything to expensive

4. Include other people so you aren’t alone

5. Don’t make it to big

All of those 5 things take into account the usual issues that people have while making bucket lists, especially if you are a teen/ young teen.

Now that you have an idea of what your bucket lists should consist of… you may be at a road block. Then what DO I put on my bucket list? Below is my summer bucket list. Keep it mind these are just suggestions/ideas, you may not want to do what I do! And, yes, I took my 5 tips into account!:

  •  Go to the local Drive-In once a month for the double showing
  • Take a road trip to California
  • Get my first paid acting job
  • Teach Paddle Board Yoga
  • Go Horseback riding in the mountains
  • Try kayaking
  • Attend a pie eating contest
  • Run 15 miles
  • Surf
  • Shop until I drop
  • Ride my bike all the way to my favorite smoothie shop 30 miles away… and ride back
  • Take a week long camping trip… in my backyard
  • Get Henna tattoos with my best friends
  • Let go of all fear
  • Get in WICKED shape
  • Plan my 16th b-day party
  • Start my business
  • Reach 7,000 followers on twitter

That’s what I have so far… What is going to be on your bucket list?


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