No More #FEAR

You know that feeling that you get when something is really scary? That sinking, shocked, catatonic, and yet at the same time excited feeling that runs through your vains? You do? Me too. But personally, I hate that feeling.

I have never liked being scared, whether it was my friends big sister popping out of a corner saying “BOO!”, or scary movies and haunted houses. It’s a very uncomfortable and weird place for me to be. Yet other people, like several of my old friends, absolutely LOVED that feeling! They would watch scary movies all the time, visit every haunted house, and do dumb things that they knew would just scare the crap out of them. I never understood it. Why would they purposefully do something that made them scared? I thought that they were idiots, for lack of a better word.

But I realized something recently that made me feel like an idiot too. I shy away from things that I think might make me scared or uncomfortable, which makes me miss out on a lot of opportunities. For me, being a shy person, hanging out with big groups of people has always freaked me out. What if they don’t like me? I don’t do the same things they do, so will they think I am weird? What if they are mean? I am always worried about what other people might think of me. And how absolutely dumb is that?

Everyone is always going to have their own opinion, and to them that opinion is the right one. Somebody might think that Meryl Streep is a horrible actress, while others think she is a genius. (I go into that category!) And to both of those different groups of people, they are right.

So why should a person care what other people think of them if they know the truth? I know that I am a fun, outgoing, and cool person. (Not being full of myself, I just know my true personality) But because I am afraid other people won’t like me, I come off as a slightly bratty -keep to myself type of person. Which isn’t true.

Basically, I am afraid of being me in public. Which honestly goes against everything I stand for. I’m all about being yourself, trying new things, and being smart but carefree. But I don’t act that way. Interesting huh? Its kind of that do I as I say not what I do type of thing. Well, I am going to start taking my own advice.

Starting now I am going to focus on having NO FEAR! No fear of the unexpected, peoples judgments, or new adventures. I am going to be young, free, and happy!

What’s your fear? How are you going to overcome it?




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