The TV Workout

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, for my acting study actually. And, I’ve never really been a TV person, I have always been a movie hound, but never really TV. So having to watch it almost everyday has been a real big challenge for me. Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Lost, Ive been watching all of them. 

So, for me, while I am watching these shows I NEED to do something active so that I don’t feel guilty and unproductive. There are several ways that I have been being active: 

One is walking/running slowly on the treadmill while I watch these shows, I place my computer on my treadmill and watch them from netflix.

Another way is doing mat exercises, pushups, sit ups, lunges, anything I can do without equipment that tones, and slightly gets my heart rate up.

It helps keep me sane, and, its an easy way to “kill two birds with one stone”. I get a workout in, and get my acting homework/study out of the way. Seems silly right? Poor me I have to watch TV as homework, but when you are studying body language and facial expressions, its not exactly a walk in the park.

You may not need to watch TV as homework, but a lot of us watch TV and movies anyway. But, you can still do some form of exercise while you are doing tv, here is an example of a circuit you can do:

  1. 100 cruches
  2. 50 lunges each leg
  3. 100 squats
  4. 100 jumping jacks
  5. 25 pushups
  6. Repeat

Or you can just stretch!!! Any way you can move your body is better than just sitting on the sofa.

Get moving!














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