A Bit O’ Summa in the Winta

Well, I am officially going through the winter slump my friends. It is cold, it is dark, and well, did I mention that it is cold? As you probably know by now, I am a complete summer beach warm weather person, so the cold just doesn’t jive with my personality you know? I mean clothes…. close toed shoes (although I do love my purple vans) soooo not what I love. 

But, on a positive note, I have found a way for me to have “A Bit O’ Summa in the Winta” by making my own fresh flavored water drinks! Oh my goodness they are so yummy, are packed with good and essential vitamins and minerals, and, they look really pretty in a clear water bottle. And who doesn’t want to look stylish at work, school, or the gym?

There are so many different and delicious combinations you can do with homemade flavored waters. Fruity, minty, grassy, sour, rich, zesty,….. the list goes on and on and ON! Personally, my favorite flavors are the fruity and the minty herbal kinds, they are so refreshing and tend to look even prettier than the others.

Today I had my absolute favorite… The Berry Bash! 



Ahhh it was so yummy! And so simple, heres what is in it:

  • Water
  • Ice
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries

Yep, throw it in a cup and you have summer with you all day! 

If you want to try your own at home, all you really have to do is find some yummy fruits, some good herbs like mint, lavender, and rosemary, put it in water, let it steep and guzzle it up!

Tweet me your pics of your water to @SGoldstein33 

How are you all doing on your green smoothie challenge? (Read about it here)


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