New Year New Schedule…. Oh My!






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Oh my GOODness! I just made my year schedule and goals list and let me tell you…. I am going to be one busy busy bee! In the next year I am going to get my GED, attend online nutrition school, promote the PBS special I was a part of, create and launch an APP (for you all! I will keep you posted as it comes along), further my acting career A LOT, and work more with some of my mentors that are doing projects I am a part of.

Wow, writing it all out makes me feel exhausted! But, that is the way that I like my life to be, busy with all the things that I love doing.  Every project and deadline I have is of my own doing, on my own schedule, and in line with my own goals, which makes the whole process a lot less stressful.

As I was planning out my next year, I thought about ideas for my “new years resolution” when I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want one. They really don’t do anything for me, meaning that they never really have any major impact on me, so instead of picking a new years resolution, I chose my new years WORD.

Yes a new years WORD! A word that will keep me motivated, excited, and focused on everything that I am doing. And the word is……….. ADVENTURE! Adventure in my life, in my relationships, in my plans, and on my schedule. I want this next year to be full of all new kinds of adventures!

I already feel a stronger to connection to that word than I ever have to any sort of new years resolution that I have made. Remember, change always comes from high emotional experiences or ties. I definitely feel some change and adventure coming because I am totally emotionally connected to that word.

Oh and one other fun fact for you: I am almost don with Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, it is by far the best book I have ever read. I have a deadline to finish it by this weekend so that I can go and see the movie! Ah…. New Year New Schedule…. Oh My!




2 thoughts on “New Year New Schedule…. Oh My!

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