Tricky Halloween Treats

Halloween is a time of treats…. Whether its caramel apples, candy, hot chocolate, cakes, cookies, or pies. All of this can add up, especially when you go for almost all of them in one night. It won’t leave you feeling to good and, you’ll most likely go through some major phycological stuff about eating that many treats. So I decided that, in the spirit of Halloween, I would share some tricky treats…. and by tricky I mean pretty healthy treats!

Tricky Candy

Candy is, after all, the staple of Halloween, and if you are in the mood to truly celebrate it that way go right on ahead! However, there are some healthier versions of common candys that you can get that have better ingredients and are better for you, plus they taste the same or better:

  • Sun Cups (Peanut Butter Cups)
  • Endangered species bars (Hershey Bars)
  • Annies Fruit snacks (Fruit Snacks)
  • Angell Bars (assorted candy bars)

Tricky Cookies

For Halloween cookies, try cookies that are made from scratch with good quality ingredients. Go over to a whole foods and buy some cookies, make some at home substituting any unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients.

Tricky Hot Chocolate

Instead of using regular milk, use flax seed milk or almond milk, and pure cocoa with cinnamon and stevia for your hot chocolate. Pure cocoa can be found at Whole Foods, and Sprouts!

Tricky Caramel Apples

When it comes to caramel apples, it is hard to stay completely healthy but here is a recipe that is much better than others!



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