Fall Lunches

Fall is here my friends! And usually cold weather means the craving of hot foods… school lunches, hot chocolate, all that stuff. And as you know.. not all that is very healthy if you eat it everyday. Here are some yummy fall lunch recipes you can take with you to school!

Vegetable soup

Warm up some vegetable broth and cut up veggies in a pot, place in thermos and bring for lunch with a piece of toast.

Spinach Pasta 

Make some spinach pasta and red sauce the night before, warm up and bring with thermos with a side salad of mixed veggies.


Go to your local cafe and buy a piece of quiche, preferably with lots of veggies. Warm up and enjoy!


Those are just a few options, and they are fulfilling and delicious! Fall is a time where you can still enjoy healthy foods, with the occasional indulgence!





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