Dont Hide Behind Your Layers

Fall is here, and we are probably getting out all of our cute sweaters and long sleeve t-shirts to celebrate the colder weather. I love fall, I love layers, the leaves, Halloween, but there is one thing that I do not love… the urge to hide behind the layers of clothes.

We are all a lot more aware about our bodies in the summer… I mean we have to wear bathing suits! So when fall comes around, it can be easy to be relieved and ease up on your diet and workout, I mean nobody is gonna see you right? WRONG! When we let up our diet now, we are going to have to cram for next summer, and that is no fun right?

So keep in mind that this fall is just as important as summer when it comes to keeping up with your health. Yes there are more tempting treats, and I know how hard it is to get motivated to work out when its cold… but find the inspiration somewhere whether its writing down how good you feel after workouts, how you want to fit into your halloween costume, or just to be able to say you made it through the Holiday seasons!


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