Eating Lifestyles For Teens

As teens, we are faced with the decision, well rather, the choice of the types of foods that we put in our mouths. Our parents aren’t home, we are on our own for meals which usually consist on a bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast or no breakfast, school lunches, and then whatever our parents make or order in for dinner. Well guess what my fellow teens…. it doesn’t have to be that way! We can chose to put healthy fresh and delicious foods our mouths!

Often times, when we realize that we do have that choice we wonder what we should eat… is vegetarianism or an all protein diet healthier? Should we eat carbs or no carbs? All of the different “diets” out there can be really really REALLY confusing…. Trust me I’ve been there. In this post, I will explain some different “diets” or as I like to call them, lifestyles, and the benefits and flaws, and how to live them healthily.

Different Lifestyles

  • Vegetarian
  • Paleo
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

The above lifestyles are the ones that I know that most about, in no means are they the only ones that are out there. However, from my own personal experience I have found that these are the ones that most people gravitate towards.


A vegetarian lifestyle means that you don’t eat ANY meat. If you decide that you want to do a vegetarian lifestyle, I also recommend that you stay away from processed foods (foods that come in a box) as much as possible. There are other avenues you can take branching from vegetarian, like pescitarian for example: meaning that the only meat you eat is fish. One thing that vegetarians need to be careful about, is how much wheat and dairy they consume. Because they do not eat a lot of meat, the body automatically changes to craving other things…. so just be in awareness and watch how much animal by products… like cheese… and wheat… like english muffins you are consuming.


The pale diet is a diet that is based on: What our ancestors ate, and going back to what biologically our movies were made to eat. It is made up of fruits vegetables nuts seeds and meat. (The fact that we are made to eat meat is debatable, loo into it if you are interested) You are eating what I call “clean” meaning you are eating what can be easily found and gathered one earth. It is fairly easy to follow, because you have such a limited food group, and you know exactly what you can have. Egg whites, fish, veggies, fruits, all that good stuff, and in unlimited quantities.


A big thing going around right now is eating gluten free. Here is the catch though, if you eat gluten free, you need to eat gluten AND wheat free! Wheat is really the part that is toxic, and that causes tons of weight gain. I personally eat gluten and wheat free, and let me tell you, I feel amazing. (In no way am I telling you what is right and wrong, just letting you know what my experience has been) When you eat gluten and wheat free, you can still find cereals and bagels and such that are free of those… just don’t eat them that often because they still don’t have the best ingredients, but they are still better that wheat and gluten. Some brands that are really good are Against The Grain, and Panda Puffs.


This is probably the most strict of lifestyles because you don’t eat and kinds of meat, dairy, or any animal product. YOu basically eat fruits vegetables and nuts. If you are interested in this lifestyle, I highly recommend you read up on it A LOT so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Not that it is bad, it is just intense.

Go forth and choose a lifestyle my friends! Be healthy and be happy. Because remember we do have the choice of what we put into our mouths.


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