The Truth Behind Treats

We all love treats. Whether it is chocolate, pasta, frozen yogurt, or pizza. The thing about treats is… they are treats! They aren’t supposed to be eaten everyday, but in moderation. In this post I will explain how, when, where, and in what quantity you should have treats!

When to have treats

Treats, as I said before are TREATS. I usually recommend having them once a week. Whether you order pizza with your friends, go on a date at a frozen yogurt place, or eat a chocolate chip cookie. Whatever it is you feel like, eat that. But only once a week! That way, you are eating clean and healthy most of the time, but aren’t completely denying yourself of the things that you love.

How to not binge on your treat

Sometimes we can get so excited that we have a treat, we overeat it, and then it isn’t even worth it. When you are having a treat, put in the the right portions… For example:

  • Cookies: 1 cookie
  • Pizza: 2 slices with a side salad
  • Pasta: 1 cup
  • Frozen yogurt: 1 1/2 cups total, even when mixing flavors
  • Chocolate: 1-2 squares
  • Ice cream: 1 scoop

Treat yourself, eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy yourself!


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