A Positive Attitude… To Lose Weight?

A positive attitude can not only help you go through life happier, it may also help you lose weight. Yes lose weight! There are studies the have shown that when we have a positive attitude towards our bodies, it releases blocked anger energy, therefore, it releases fat from our bodies!

Now, I know that can sound really weird, but it really makes sense. Take a child for instance, they don’t count calories, they eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full, and ALWAYS have a positive attitude towards life and fun. And guess what? They are healthy, happy, and generally not overweight! 

If you can’t relate to that, relate to me. For the last few years I have been mad at my body, hated it really, and I kept on gaining more and more weight. It has been this year thatI have finally learned to love my body, no matter what, and take a better attitude towards it. And guess what? I have been losing weight!

If you have a body image problem, want guidance, or need someone to talk to, email me at sierragoldstein@gmail.com.


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