How To Shop For FOOD




When you walk in to a typical supermarket, you probably notice how there is an outside permitter, and then aisles on the inside. On the parameter you will find…. PRODUCE! Like veggies and fruits and meats. In the aisles is where all of the processed foods are kept, like Doritos and cookies. If you want to stay healthy AND look your best, follow these tips while shopping in a supermarket.

  1. Stay to the outside as much as possible, that is where you will find the healthiest foods.
  2. If you do go into the aisles, buy organic.
  3. Look at your cart and make sure most items are raw and fresh.
  4. Don’t buy things with a mile long ingredient list… its better if there is no ingredients list.
  5. Only buy what is on you list, so your not tempted to buy your favorite junk food, like chips and cookies.
  6. Try to shop at farmers markets or places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other local natural grocery stores.

It can be really hard at first, but the results are completely worth it. Eating more fresh foods makes you feel better, and as a result, you look better too. Stick to those tips when you are shopping, and it will be much easier to stay on your path and not be tempted.


Let me know how you are liking the tips, by tweeting me at SGoldstein33 or by emailing me at!


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