Fast Effective Workouts

Some days there just isn’t enough time to spend an hour or so working out. Instead of feeling bad and completely skipping out on a work out, here are some tips, DVDs, and things your an do to get a fast and effective workout!

Rip out workouts from fitness magazines

In fitness magazines, there are usually sections that have rip out workouts… instead of turning the page, rip them out! they are great to have around when you need a fast workout, and you can take them with you when you travel so you will never have an excuse not to be active.

Buy workout DVDs

Buying workout DVDs is a very good investment. Personally, I love: Insanity, Mari Winsor, Jillian Micheals, and Barre method DVDs. You can put them in instead of watching a movie, and get a great workout! DVDs are easy to travel with as well, and they tend to make you work out harder because there is someone there telling you what to do and to push yourself.

Sprint for 20 minutes

Hop on the treadmill or a running path, and run your heart out for 20 minutes! Running harder for a short amount of time is just as good as running less hard for a longer period. You will feel better about yourself afterwards, which makes for a much better day.

Do something active with your friends

Instead of lounging at the pool all day, do something active with your friends like going for a bike ride, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, anything that you all enjoy!

Always remember you can find something to do everyday to keep up with your bikini body. Don’t worry, exercise and be happy!


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