Stay On Your Path







It can be really hard to stay on a healthy eating regimen when all of your friends are eating bad food in front of you, trust me I have been there. Here are some tips for staying on track, even when you are with your friends:

  • If they ask you why aren’t you eating this piece of cake, say I will eat it later, they will forget and stop bugging you.
  • Bring your own oatmeal for breakfasts.
  • Tell them that it is about health, not obsession, and it would be great if they would support you.
  • Instead of going out for meals, go to a Whole Foods bar and get some healthy food there, its much more fun and better for your body!
  • Smoothie places are great for meals as well, but be sure to read this blog post so you don’t mess your self up there.
  • Find friends that have the same interests in health as you do.

Stick to these tricks and you will be beautiful and healthy!


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