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Back to school shopping can be really stressful. We all want to look good, make a good and powerful impression, and start our year off to a good start! In a lot of situations, girls have a very hard time while doing this because of body image issues. They don’t like the way anything fits, and that spirals into a meltdown and… not starting the year off in a good way. There are ways to avoid and treat these situations though… and I am here to tell you what they are! Follow these tips and you will most likely walk away with a good experience and some really cute clothes!

Exercise the morning before you shop

When we exercise, we are less likely to freak out about the way we look. So, take a walk, go for a run, dance in your room, or do one of my YogaCrossTeens workouts before you go and shop! You will be more confident about your body, making for a better shopping trip!

Don’t not eat on shopping day

Lots of people think that if they don’t eat they will feel better about themselves… well, not when you are grumpy because of it! When we get hungry, we get irritable and tired, two emotions you want to stay away while you are shopping. Grab a kashi bar, some veggie sticks, or an apple to bring with you. Its healthy, and will give you the energy and support you need to have a great day!

Have a friend or parent snap a pic of you

I like to call dressing room mirror fun house mirrors, because you always look bigger than you really are in them. After you put your clothes on, step out of the dressing room and have someone take a picture of you. That way, you see how you really look and it will make you more confident!

Grab a ton of different sizes… and jumble them up

Grab a ton of different sizes of the shelf, jumble them up in the dressing room, and try them on “blindly”. This way, you are focusing more on the fit of the actual clothes rather than what side you wear. (sizes are completely different from brand to brand)

Plus, always remember that you are beautiful no matter what! We all come in different shapes and sizes, so truly embrace it.

Try out these tips and let me know how they work! Plus, tweet me some pics of your new outfits, I would love to see them! SGoldstein33 is my twitter name!


A Positive Attitude… To Lose Weight?

A positive attitude can not only help you go through life happier, it may also help you lose weight. Yes lose weight! There are studies the have shown that when we have a positive attitude towards our bodies, it releases blocked anger energy, therefore, it releases fat from our bodies!

Now, I know that can sound really weird, but it really makes sense. Take a child for instance, they don’t count calories, they eat when they are hungry, stop when they are full, and ALWAYS have a positive attitude towards life and fun. And guess what? They are healthy, happy, and generally not overweight! 

If you can’t relate to that, relate to me. For the last few years I have been mad at my body, hated it really, and I kept on gaining more and more weight. It has been this year thatI have finally learned to love my body, no matter what, and take a better attitude towards it. And guess what? I have been losing weight!

If you have a body image problem, want guidance, or need someone to talk to, email me at

Girls Night Snacks

Summer is almost over, and that means we are all going to be catching up on our girl nights! Here are some smart and healthy snack ideas to keep you entertained, happy, healthy, and having fun!:

  • Amy’s frozen goat cheese pizza
  • Annies Cheddar Bunny crackers
  • Almonds
  • GORP
  • Hanses Soda
  • Izzes
  • No butter popcorn
  • Yogurt pretzels

Cook how ever many pizzas you need depending o how many friends you have over, don’t make to much so you all aren’t tempted to completely overeat. Cheddar bunnies have a lot in one bag, so I would recommend getting around 2. Buy a couple packs of the soda, pop some popcorn, watch movies and talk!

These snacks are great to satisfy all of usual cravings, but in a healthier way. Most of these items are organic, and are processed in a better way than other packaged foods, plus they have no High Fructose Corn syrup, which is TERRIBLE FOR YOU.

LEt me know how it goes if you try these… love to hear from you all! Follow me on twitter @SGoldstein33 and my YouTube Channel YogaCrossTeens.

How To Shop For FOOD




When you walk in to a typical supermarket, you probably notice how there is an outside permitter, and then aisles on the inside. On the parameter you will find…. PRODUCE! Like veggies and fruits and meats. In the aisles is where all of the processed foods are kept, like Doritos and cookies. If you want to stay healthy AND look your best, follow these tips while shopping in a supermarket.

  1. Stay to the outside as much as possible, that is where you will find the healthiest foods.
  2. If you do go into the aisles, buy organic.
  3. Look at your cart and make sure most items are raw and fresh.
  4. Don’t buy things with a mile long ingredient list… its better if there is no ingredients list.
  5. Only buy what is on you list, so your not tempted to buy your favorite junk food, like chips and cookies.
  6. Try to shop at farmers markets or places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and other local natural grocery stores.

It can be really hard at first, but the results are completely worth it. Eating more fresh foods makes you feel better, and as a result, you look better too. Stick to those tips when you are shopping, and it will be much easier to stay on your path and not be tempted.


Let me know how you are liking the tips, by tweeting me at SGoldstein33 or by emailing me at!

The Real Reason To Be Healthy

When I first started out on my journey, I ate healthy and worked out because I wanted to look good. No matter how hard I tried, I never got to where I wanted to be. It made me frustrated, sad, and really angry that I was working hard and wasn’t getting results. Then, I started thinking about the other reasons to eat healthy and exercise…

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about looking good, its about feeling good. You can have “the body you have always wanted” but if you don’t make permanent healthy lifestyle changes you will never truly life up to your full potential. Here are some outcomes that come out of practicing a healthy lifestyle:

  • Increased Energy
  • Happiness
  • Inspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Spirit
  • Better relationships
  • The body you have always wanted

Yes you get the body you have always wanted by having a healthy lifestyle, but that should not be your main reason to travel down the path. It is simply a perk of a healthy body. Here is a mantra that I tell myself on a daily basis to keep me motivated and on track for the right reasons:

“By giving your body what it needs, it will rid itself of what it doesn’t”

It is so true! By feeding your body the right foods, and keeping it active, you will get the body you have always wanted, and in a healthy and loving way. So, really think about why you are being healthy, and make sure it is for the right reasons.

MAke sure to follow me on twitter at SGoldstein33 and my other blogs, and by Youtube channel YogaCrossTeens for more tips and strategies to get you healthy!

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Fast Effective Workouts

Some days there just isn’t enough time to spend an hour or so working out. Instead of feeling bad and completely skipping out on a work out, here are some tips, DVDs, and things your an do to get a fast and effective workout!

Rip out workouts from fitness magazines

In fitness magazines, there are usually sections that have rip out workouts… instead of turning the page, rip them out! they are great to have around when you need a fast workout, and you can take them with you when you travel so you will never have an excuse not to be active.

Buy workout DVDs

Buying workout DVDs is a very good investment. Personally, I love: Insanity, Mari Winsor, Jillian Micheals, and Barre method DVDs. You can put them in instead of watching a movie, and get a great workout! DVDs are easy to travel with as well, and they tend to make you work out harder because there is someone there telling you what to do and to push yourself.

Sprint for 20 minutes

Hop on the treadmill or a running path, and run your heart out for 20 minutes! Running harder for a short amount of time is just as good as running less hard for a longer period. You will feel better about yourself afterwards, which makes for a much better day.

Do something active with your friends

Instead of lounging at the pool all day, do something active with your friends like going for a bike ride, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, anything that you all enjoy!

Always remember you can find something to do everyday to keep up with your bikini body. Don’t worry, exercise and be happy!

Stay On Your Path







It can be really hard to stay on a healthy eating regimen when all of your friends are eating bad food in front of you, trust me I have been there. Here are some tips for staying on track, even when you are with your friends:

  • If they ask you why aren’t you eating this piece of cake, say I will eat it later, they will forget and stop bugging you.
  • Bring your own oatmeal for breakfasts.
  • Tell them that it is about health, not obsession, and it would be great if they would support you.
  • Instead of going out for meals, go to a Whole Foods bar and get some healthy food there, its much more fun and better for your body!
  • Smoothie places are great for meals as well, but be sure to read this blog post so you don’t mess your self up there.
  • Find friends that have the same interests in health as you do.

Stick to these tricks and you will be beautiful and healthy!

Banana Blueberry Sliders

A lot of time, in the summer when its hot, we don’t feel like having heavy meals such as burgers. That’s fine! here is a delis recipe for banana blueberry sliders that are just as good, light, and healthy!


  1. 1 banana
  2. 8 blueberries
  3. 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  4. 8 toothpicks


  1. Cut banana into 8 pieces
  2. Top with dollop of peanut butter
  3. Place 1 blueberry on top
  4. Stick with toothpick
  5. Enjoy!

These are great for parties, snacks, and treats!

How To Overcome Stress Eating

Lots of people (including me) tend to eat their favorite foods when they get really stressed, and in large amounts. This binging is detrimental to your health and looks! Here is how I overcame stress eating, I encourage you to try it out and see if it works for you!

When you know you are about to stress eat… Go for a run!

Yes! Instead of pigging out, exercise! Not only will this help you lose more weight, you can cut weight gain in the bud. And, you will feel much better about yourself, which is the most important thing of all.

That trick has really helped me overcome stress eating, and I hope that it will help you to. Make sure to comment and follow me on twitter at @SGoldstein33 

Drink Green Tea For A Better Body

Hey there! I have been reading up on some pretty cool information an green tea, and thought that I would share it with you guys!

We all want to burn fat, and green tea can help us do that. When you drink green tea first thing in the morning, it jump starts your metabolism and allows your body to burn more fat throughout the day. And, if you drink green tea throughout the day (stopping at 3 pm) you will burn even more fat, clear your system, and get rid of fatty cells than can cause cellulite!

I encourage you to try drinking green tea, here are some tips on how to keep it with, how to make it taste better, and lots more!:

  • Use stevia to sweeten it.
  • Put it in your water bottle and take it with you.
  • Keep packages in your bag.
  • When at a coffee shop, get a tea with your coffee and drink both.
  • Put some mint leaves in it and be prepared for even more taste!
  • Instead of a post workout drink like gatorade, opt for green tea.

Get prepared for a healthier feeling, and looking, body!