Confident Bikini Tips

A lot of girls have a bad habit of comparing themselves to other people, especially when bikini season comes around. That is not a good thing! Here are some tips on staying confident during bikini season:

  • When you start comparing yourself to someone else, name all the things you love about your body
  • Take your towel or cover up off right away that way you don’t have time to obsess
  • Do something active everyday that way you always feel like you are keeping up with your body
  • Bring healthy snacks so you don’t have to obsess over food wherever you go
  • Walk around with good posture and a smile on your face, if you act confident that is what people will see
  • Journal everyday about what you love about yourself
  • Remember we are all beautiful in our own and unique way!

Remember these tips whenever you start comparing yourself to someone else. Also recognize that whoever you are comparing yourself to is probably going through the same thing you are, you aren’t alone, and the only person who can really put you down is YOU.


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