Best Smoothie Choices

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Over the counter smoothies can have a ton of calories, and by a ton, I mean in the thousands! Here are some ways to make sure you don’t get one that is that many, but that are still yummy!

  • Only drink 8-10 ounces as opposed to a 24 oz.
  • Make sure there isn’t frozen yogurt in it.
  • Split it with a friend.
  • Look for fruits with lots of calories, like bananas.
  • Don’t get candy flavors, like oreo blast.
  • Shoot for simple ingredients as opposed to lots of ingredients.
  • Count it as a meal and not a snack.

Enjoy your smoothies in the summer, but also enjoy keeping your bikini bod!


Ice Cream Or Fro-Yo?

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On hot summer days, the best taste in the entire world is something cold and creamy! Instead of getting ice cream, take all your friends to a frozen yogurt shop like TCBY, Cool Berry, or any other place!

Frozen yogurt has a lot less fat than ice cream, and, has the benefits of the probiotics found in yogurt! If you don’t know what probiotics are, here it is in a simple form: They help you digest food.

Like any other treat, you still need to be careful about your portions, here are the tips that I use when I get frozen yogurt:

  • Go more for fruity fresh flavors as opposed to heavy flavors.
  • Use fruits as your toppings.
  • Hold the lever down for 3 seconds, no more!
  • Only taste 2 flavors.
  • Make sure it is only half way full.

Stick to those tips and you’ll stay perfectly slim!

Over Exercising…. Don’t Do it!

Yes, working out is the most important part of staying fit, healthy, and looking good. However, working out to much, meaning doing 2 to 3 workouts (full workouts a day) may be just as bad for your body as not exercising at all!

When you completely overwork your body, it ca actually go into fat storage mode, and instead of losing weight you will gain it! Not to mention that it puts tons of unneeded stress on your body and you can really hurt yourself.

Many people do this to their bodies because they become obsessed with working out in an attempt to lose weight, trust me I have been there. Because they aren’t losing weight it causes phycological problems, and the outcomes are usually never good.

To avoid becoming one of those people, or to step out of that mind set, you need to find BALANCE.

Balance is the oct important part in any healthy lifestyle. Never exercising is not good, but only exercising isn’t good either! There needs to be a balance between the two. Here are some tips:

  • Workout 1-2 hours a day, no more.
  • Treat yourself once a week, on a day far away from the day you weigh yourself.
  • Come up with a workout schedule and stick to it.
  • Take a rest day at least once a week where you aren’t working out as hard as you usually do.

Those are the things that have helped me find balance, in both my body and my mind. I am happier, and fitter than ever! I hope they will help you reach that as well!

Are You Hungry… Or Is The Clock

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Todays post comes from an experience I just had 5 seconds ago:

I get home from a meeting, look at the clock, and see that it is 12. Okay great lunchtime! I make a salad, start eating, and that’s when my mom comes in:

What are you doing?

Eating a salad?

You just at a yogurt an hour ago.

Oh ya, but it’s 12…

I was eating because of what the clock said, not because I was actually hungry! It completely brought me into awareness of what I was doing. The clock was hungry, not me, and because of it I was eating without a purpose.

So, I encourage you to go a day without looking at the clock to tell you when to eat, look to your stomach. When you are hungry eat, when your not don’t! That is what I will be doing tomorrow….

Confident Bikini Tips

A lot of girls have a bad habit of comparing themselves to other people, especially when bikini season comes around. That is not a good thing! Here are some tips on staying confident during bikini season:

  • When you start comparing yourself to someone else, name all the things you love about your body
  • Take your towel or cover up off right away that way you don’t have time to obsess
  • Do something active everyday that way you always feel like you are keeping up with your body
  • Bring healthy snacks so you don’t have to obsess over food wherever you go
  • Walk around with good posture and a smile on your face, if you act confident that is what people will see
  • Journal everyday about what you love about yourself
  • Remember we are all beautiful in our own and unique way!

Remember these tips whenever you start comparing yourself to someone else. Also recognize that whoever you are comparing yourself to is probably going through the same thing you are, you aren’t alone, and the only person who can really put you down is YOU.