What To Get At Subway


Photo Credit:http://subwaylg.com/images/subway_333733353334_89_logo.jpg


Subway is a very popular place to go and get lunch, but as usual, you need to be very aware of what you are ordering. Here are some great options to get when you are there, and they are light for summer!

  • Veggie Delight on flatbread (6 inch)
  • Steak and provolone sandwich on wheat (6 inch)
  • Smoked Turkey breast with veggies on flatbread (6 inch)
  • Chicken provolone and veggie sandwich on wheat (6 inch)

As for drinks, subway usually has Fuze products, or Sobe products, which are great to get if you are in the mood for flavored water. Otherwise, just get water. Soda can make you feel really bloated and big, which is not good if you are about to show off your swimsuit!
Here is another tip while you are there… skip that chips! They are just empty calories and serve no purpose.
Eat, enjoy, and hang out with your friends!

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