Keeping A Food Journal

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To help myself stay on track, I keep a Food Journal on me at all times. In it, I write down what I have eaten, how many calories I have consumed, what physical activities I have done, And how I felt after each meal. This helps me stay on track, not snack, and see what foods are serving me purpose and what foods aren’t.

For me, keeping a food journal works wonders. I know why I have gained wait and why I have lost it. It is comforting to know the reason behind the things happening in and to my body. If keeping a food journal is something that interests you here are a few tips:

  1. Make it small so you can store it in your purse or bag
  2. Write in pencil because you may go back and realize that you didn’t eat something you wrote down
  3. Don’t be obsessive over it, write when you have time and let things be
  4. Write down your weight, and weigh yourself, only once a week
  5. Make sure you write how you really feel after each meal
  6. Write down all snacking
  7. Give yourself a star if you ate good, and if you didn’t, write what you could have done better

Try it out and see how it works! If it clicks, keep it, if it is a hassle, find another technique that works for you (calorie counter apps, nothing, or pictures, etc.)


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