Exercise Before A Test

Hey everybody! I hope that those of you who are still doing the Spring Break Countdown are pushing yourselves and eating healthy!

It’s the time of year where all of our finals are coming up, and the tests can be super stressful. I’m sure we all want to do the best we can on, here is a super good way:

Exercise the morning before your test.

There is tons of research that shows exercising before a test increases your brain focus, therefore allowing you to do your best. Click here to view a NY Times article on the research conducted.

Interesting isn’t it? The benefits of physical exercise aren’t only in passing a test. Here are some others to get you motivated:

  • Healthy Body
  • Stress Reducing
  • Fun
  • Releases endorphins (makes you happy)
  • Self-Confidence

Al those from physical exercise. Go out, be active, be smart!


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