Have a Flat Table Belly

It’s happened to all of us. A really good show comes on and your mom yells at you to come down and eat dinner. You CAN’T miss the show, but your starving! Then you think hey, I’ll just eat on the couch and watch the show! Let me give you two words… NOT GOOD.

When we eat in front of the T.V. we don’t pay attention to whats on our plate, or how much. Because of that, we don’t enjoy or taste our food and go into the kitchen for 2nds,3rds, and maybe 4ths hoping that those plates will satisfy us. Before you know it your 300 calorie dinner just went up to 800!


Try to eat every meal at the table. Enjoy your food, and keep track of the portions you eat. That along with daily exercise, you could have a stomach as flat as the surface of the table!


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